CPL's stakeholders are all the parties that on the one hand affect, in different ways and to different degrees, the activities carried out by the Cooperative, and on the other hand are affected by the services and activities performed by CPL.

CPL's stakeholders can be categorized as follows:

  • internal: workers, Members, Cooperative Shareholders;
  • external, belonging to:
  • the market and economic environment in which CPL operates: customers, suppliers, outside lenders;
  • the cooperative system of which CPL is a member: cooperative movement, enterprise system;
  • the area in which CPL operates: public administration, community, area, environment.

The Cooperative is an enterprise whose economic activities have the reason and goal of meeting its Members' needs.

Wealth, in fact, is not expressed exclusively in the Cooperative's economic results: The Members' professional growth and improvement in quality of life are elements that are equally important.

CPL CONCORDIA's member base, which is a reference point for every strategic and developmental choice it makes, is comprised of:

  • Cooperative Members (1)
  • Financing Members (2)
  • Honorary Members (3)


Each Member:

  • offers their professional abilities to the Cooperative;
  • contributes to making corporate decisions; and
  • pays in their portion of the Share Capital.

This creates the conditions that make it possible for the company to produce wealth with stability and reliability for all of the Members and, therefore, the Cooperative.


CPL CONCORDIA exists due to the commitment shown every day by Members and Employees for the Cooperative's development. It is the nature of the Cooperative, besides the history and values that distinguish it, which have always been the cornerstone of its activity, to consider its personnel to be a fundamentally important resource to be promoted and improved by means of appropriate training programs and professional growth courses.

Safety & Health

CPL CONCORDIA considers safety and health in the workplace to be a fundamental requirement for the development of its industrial operations. The implementation and effective management of a Safety and Health Policy is a high-priority goal of Company Management, and the success of this initiative is considered to be the responsibility of each and every one of the Company’s internal stakeholders. Management develops a Workplace Safety and Health Management System and adopts all necessary, consistent, and realistic measures for the purpose of:

  • preventing and reducing accidents and the occurrence of occupational injuries and diseases that can strike those employees who are executing company activities and who are located on the company premises;
  • reinforcing the culture of safety at the company and raising awareness of the importance of these subjects, thereby consolidating the understanding of the company’s and employees’ responsibilities regarding safety and health in the workplace;
  • ensuring that the industrial processes are designed, implemented, directed, and maintained with health and safety in the workplace taken into consideration as an important and high-priority factor;
  • defining the goals and planning and carrying out the activities regarding the Workplace Safety and Health Management System;
  • periodically checking and continuously improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Workplace Safety and Health Management System;
  • documenting, communicating, and sharing the methods used and results obtained;
  • observing the laws in force and applying the most advanced standards and measurements regarding safety and health in the workplace, due to constant and continuous updating;
  • cooperating with the Local Public Health Centers, the National Fire Corps, the Institute for Occupational Safety, Labor Unions, the oversight bodies, and the bodies encharged with enforcing observance of the relevant regulations in force.

Management pledges to periodically review its Policy and the Workplace Safety and Health Management System in order to keep them aligned with the company’s activities. This commitment underlines Management’s awareness that the pursuit of ever higher levels of Safety and Health in the workplace is a key factor of success for CPL’s social role and economic development.
For this reason, the corporate policy on Safety and Health in the workplace was disseminated to all of the Cooperative’s stakeholders:

  • internal stakeholders: by means of posting on specific bulletin boards and inclusion together with the paycheck; and
  • external stakeholders: through CPL CONCORDIA's web portal.
Health Policy
BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification

In 2011 CPL CONCORDIA received BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for its worker occupational safety and health system. The Company’s commitment to continuous improvement of the processes regarding safety and health in the workplace and for its personnel can be noted also from this important step.