Creating work that is regulated and safe and that values people and their capabilities: that is, creating real work. This has always been CPL CONCORDIA's mission since it was founded in 1899.

CPL stands for Cooperativa di Produzione e Lavoro or "Cooperative for Production and Work" - work that:

  • gives dignity to those who perform it;
  • allows professional and human growth;
  • is of value for the area; and
  • is performed to the best of our abilities with professionalism and consistency.

On the basis of these important considerations, CPL operates with the goals of:

  • pursuing customer satisfaction constantly;
  • offering products and services that are based on technological development, continuous innovation, and the pursuit of energy savings; and
  • providing technical and specialist support and assistance to its customers in the energy sector.

In the pursuit of its mission to create real work, CPL operates according to a precise value system that entails:

  • quality of its services : to continuously raise the quality of the services and work performed by every employee;
  • equal employment opportunity : to offer people equal and impartial opportunities to develop their own professional careers, respecting every person's dignity and right to confidentiality; and
  • civil, cultural, and economic development : to operate in a manner that contributes to the development of the local community.

With regard to these values, in the current international economic situation it is necessary to always keep in mind the following basic rules: propriety, honesty, justice, solidarity, and respect for the environment are the fundamental principles that can make an economic enterprise into a precious and vital corporate entity.

In 2005 the Cooperative adopted a Code of Ethics by means of its approval by the Ordinary General Meeting of Cooperative Members; it was reviewed and reapproved in 2008. This document is intended to be a tool of self-regulation and guidance for all the decision processes and all behavior adopted by CPL with respect to its internal and external stakeholders.