A technology partner for the management of water grids

CPL CONCORDIA handles the maintenance and management of water supply grids and sewerage networks with innovative solutions, such as system supervision, pumping and supply optimisation, alarm management, and accounting and billing with Web-based services accessible by all operators.

More specifically, CPL offers companies that manage water pipelines and sewerage networks:

  • Remote water monitoring/control for irrigation
  • Rain gauging, weather stations
  • Remote irrigation canal flow reading
  • Remote monitoring/control for irrigation canal gates
  • Remote sewage level reading
  • Cathodic protection for pipelines
  • Remote reading of residential consumption via artesian wells
  • Remote water table level and water level reading
  • Remote residential water management, detection and quantification of water leaks
  • Remote water pipeline monitoring and automation via GPRS
  • Automatic water quality monitoring and analysis
  • Water purification process management
  • Constructed wetlands
  • Management of emergency response service for water supply grid and sewerage network, with activity management system
  • Water leak detection