Turnkey system for maximum performance

CPL CONCORDIA designs and manufactures medium and large photovoltaic systems for roof mounting on various kinds of buildings (industrial units, shopping centres, canopies, car parks, leisure centres and greenhouses), looking after the following aspects:

  • System feasibility evaluation
  • Financial analysis of system performance and investment and repayment parameters
  • Accurate system design to maximise performance
  • Turnkey construction
  • Authorisation procedures for grid connection
  • After-sales maintenance service

By taking advantage of feed-in tariffs and scaling the system according to daytime consumption rates (instantaneous consumption by user), electricity bills can be significantly lowered

Photovoltaic solar energy Municipality of Carano
Photovoltaic solar energy in Turi
Photovoltaic solar energy INPS of Città di Castello
Photovoltaic solar energy Municipality of Torano
Solar plant for Wam Group Spa

Photovoltaic plants for CAAB in Bologna