The Governance

CPL's Governance was heavily reviewed during the course of 2015: the process concluded with the modifications to the Articles of Association and the appointments made during the course of the Shareholders' Assembly held on 29/08/2015. As of 29/08/2015 the Corporate Bodies are as follows:

  • Shareholders' Assembly: rightfully includes all the cooperating shareholders, and, if required by the resolution of the issue, by the investor partners and honorary partners as well;
  • Board of Directors: it represents the Shareholders Assembly by which it is elected during ordinary meetings, and which decides its remuneration and relative responsibilities.


Control Bodies

  • Board of Auditors oversees compliance with the laws and the Articles of Association, the principles of proper administration, and, in particular, the adequacy of the organisational, administrative and accounting structure adopted by the Company and its proper functionality;
  • Supervisory Board is the body foreseen by Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 (of which the Code of Ethics constitutes an integral part) for overseeing the effectiveness and assessing the adequacy of the Organisation, Management and Control Model;
  • Auditing Firm: among the various control activities carried out upon the accounts of the Cooperative, the main activity (auditing) is carried out by the appointed auditing firm;
  • Internal Auditing: it performs an objective assurance and consultancy, aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.